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magic awards

whose work blows you away?

Magic Awards
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Welcome to magicawards, an awards community associated with magicmachine where iconmakers can come for some extra recognition and friendly competition!  We're all about praising the people who provide us all with creative fandom based icons. It's important that you read the rules below so that the competition can run smoothly.

There will be several categories for you to nominate your favorite iconmakers for. Each category will have it's own nomination post. A list of the categories can be found further down on the page.
o2. When nominating a maker you must provide us with the maker's username, the place where the maker posts their work, and 5 examples of their work. PLEASE PLEASE upload them to something like imgur.
o3. When nominating a maker you must also make sure the maker has been active in the past 3 months.  When choosing examples all icons must have been posted in the last year (July 2012 - July 2013). 
o4. Once a maker is originally nominated they must have at least 5 other lj user's seconding that nomination. So say someone was nominated for best coloring and 5 examples of their work were provided, that comment would have to have 5 more comments saying 'Yes I agree!' for them to pass into the voting round.
o5. You can nominate as many makers in as many different categories as you want. You may also second as many makers as you desire, but you may not nominate yourself.
o6. Once a maker has been nominated in a category they may make one 'thank you' post in the comments and they may (are encouraged to do so) include up to five more examples of their work in that comment. These icons will be automatically used for voting.
o7. Nominations will stay open for one week.

When the nominations close voting will open! A maximum of 20 nominees (25 in technical categories) from each category will be passed into the voting round.  So those with the most 'I agree' comments will be eligible.
o2. Voting polls will stay open for one week
o3. Once the voting is finished, the results will be posted and the first, second, and third place winners in each category will receive prizes (a trophy, a ribbon, or a gold star) as well as eternal glory.

blue_emotion, phaust_, 12feethigh,
mm3butterfly, pamkips & spud66cat

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